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SNOMED CT: A standardised healthcare vocabulary

SNOMED CT is an internationally recognised "language" of health terms enabling a consistent sharing of information between electronic clinical systems - particularly  electronic health records. 

Having this standardised clinical terminology allows clinicians to access and share vital information within and across health and care settings. It also reduces the risk of misinterpretations of a patient's record in different care settings.

Because Wales uses various coding schemes with numerous healthcare systems, Digital Health and Care Wales is leading a new SNOMED CT implementation project, paving the way toward standardising all healthcare systems in Wales.  

The primary focus of the implementation project in secondary care, thus far, has been raising the awareness of SNOMED CT within NHS Wales along with identifying a piece of technology which can serve all NHS Wales clinical applications with SNOMED CT content. Once the technology is available within NHS Wales national infrastructure, the implementation can begin.





Last updated: January 2021