About us

NHS Wales Informatics Service is the national organisation delivering technology and first class digital health systems and services needed for modern patient care in Wales.

We are committed to working in partnership with all NHS Wales organisations to modernise, enhance and provide the best technology for our nation’s healthcare and support a responsible digital future for NHS Wales.

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Since health and social care in Wales was devolved in 1999, Wales has set its own distinctive approach to health and care provision. Integration and co-operation between health organisations is a key tenet of our nation’s healthcare policy, along with a commitment to avoid duplication and ‘do things once for Wales’.

The NHS Wales Informatics Service was established in 2010 with responsibility to develop, deliver and support the health and care technology used throughout Wales.

Today, we’re helping NHS Wales meet the challenge of 21st century digital healthcare with innovative systems produced by both developers and clinicians, dedicated software and hardware support, improved information sharing, the introduction of online services for patients, and the development of future generations of healthcare IT specialists.