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Dentists, Optometrists and Pharmacies

Pharmacists, dentists and optometrists across Wales now have access to the NHS Wales Video Consulting Service. 

NWIS provides the training for the service and have received a ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ rating from 96% of respondents. The training is delivered via live group remote sessions hosted on Microsoft Teams.


Expression of interest

The service is being offered via expression of interest, and the professions are actively encouraged to email the relevant contacts (provided below) to enquire for use of the NHS Wales Video Consulting Service:


There are also Video Consulting Toolkits available on the TEC Cymru website containing resources for each profession.

One pharmacist said that the VCS had, “excellent quality of call for the consultation with the patient. It is beneficial to have the capacity to type the information for the patient to view, and see if the patient cannot understand something.”

Further feedback indicated that video consultations could be used for a number of services offered within community pharmacy, such as the Common Aliments Services, Emergency Medicines Supply  and Discharge Medicines Review. .

Both dentistry and optometry found uses for post-treatment reviews, follow ups, and treatment plan discussions.

NWIS is working alongside NHS Wales and TEC Cymru to deliver The NHS Wales Video Consulting Service (VCS) powered by Attend Anywhere (AA).


Last updated: 03/02/2021