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Dental e-Referrals

Wales is the first country in the UK to introduce electronic dental referrals across all dental specialities.

The new Dental Referral Management System allows general dental practitioners (GDPs) to refer patients to primary or secondary care for specialist care and further treatment electronically.

All specialities across primary and secondary care are covered, including:

•          Orthodontists

•          Oral Surgery

•          Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

•          Oral Medicine

•          Restorative Dentistry

•          Community Dental Services (Paediatrics and Special Care)

•          Urgent suspected cancers

•          Sedation services

The web based system is provided by FDS Consultants in partnership with NHS Wales Informatics Service. It replaces traditional paper referrals, minimising the risk of missing information or letters and providing data that informs planning and management of services.

If you are a patient wishing to track a referral, then you can do so here:

Read more about how the system has been rolled out nationally. 





Last updated: January 2021