My Health Text

Additional Texts now available

Welsh Government have agreed to fund additional messages to help practices communicate with patients. An extra 2 text messages per patient (practice list size) have been deployed, in addition to the annual practice allocation.  Eg. Practice list 10,000 = 20,000 texts + additional texts = 40,000 text messages.​

Annual My Health Text Top Up

The annual allocation of texts for practices has been processed and this has now been completed. You should have been advised by your Primary Care Specialist on how this affects you.  As in previous years the annual ‘top up’ is calculated  on the number of registered patients at 31st January 2020 x 2 texts per patient. The calculation takes into account the number of additional texts bundles the practice may have purchased individually.



If your practice requires any training support, please contact your Primary Care specialist who will either work with you or arrange training with your text message provider, Vision or IPlato.

How to use My Health Text messages

Guidance on how My Health Text messages can be used is available here.

For more information, click here.


Last updated: 31.03.2020